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Every bride dreams of the perfect plus size wedding dress to go down the aisle in style. With so many choices of formal wedding gowns inn plus sizes, it's hard to find a wedding dress just for you. Shopping tip: look for plus size wedding gowns that fit your personality and flatter your curves. Brides on a budget shop for cheap plus size wedding dresses and wedding gowns on SALE. Planning a beach or destination wedding? Go down the aisle in style. Shop our informal wedding dresses and casual wedding dresses.

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Antoinette Sample Wedding Gown
Style MB1403
WAS $989.00
NOW $495.00
Sample sale!
Caroline Sample Wedding Gown
Style MB1405
WAS $1099.00
NOW $549.00
Sample sale!
Madeline Sample Wedding Gown
Style MB1406
WAS $1119.00
NOW $569.00
Sample sale!
Debra Sample Wedding Gown
Style MB1410
WAS $1009.00
NOW $659.00
Sample sale!
Valerie Sample Wedding Gown
Style MB1414
WAS $1569.00
NOW $784.00
Sample sale!
Ready for Romance
Style SC5021
Love Affair
Style SC5036
As Seen In Plus Model Magazine!
My Romance
Style SC5043
As Seen In Plus Model Magazine!
Style SC5052
As Seen in Plus Model Magazine
Perfect Love
Style SC5055
Just In!
Fancy That
Style SC5027