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Plus size high-low dresses will certainly be the rage for Prom 2014. It's the perfect option if you stuck on whether to wear a long formal Prom gown or a short dress. This way you have the best of both fashion worlds with a hem that is high in the front and low in the back!

How High-Low Gowns Get Their Name: High low Prom dresses are created so that the front, or side, of the dress is much shorter than the back of the dress. Typically, the hem on the front of the skirt hikes up above the knee and drops down to skim the floor in the back. That is how these dresses get their name. The result is so very sexy! You get to show off your great legs and your chic shoes. Pick a trendy must-have color like hot pink or emerald green to give this style an extra fun factor!

Practical side: When you wear a hi-low dress you avoid the problem of tripping on a skirt that is too long - a problem that can happen when you wear a floor-length formal. Best of all, you find it easy to show off your moves on the dance floor!

Details that Dazzle a High-Low Dress High heels are not an option for this silhouette. They are a must! Flat shoes or low heels will make the lower part of the back skirt look like it drags. And you don't want anything to bring down your look on a night as big as Prom 2014! If the bodice or waistline is heavily beaded, stick with simple earrings. And remember, you don't have to be matchy-matchy anymore. Go for a contrasting color in your jewelry for a very hip and modern look.

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