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Mardi Gras Dresses
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Mardi Gras dresses to celebrate in style looking glamorous in a formal dress or ball gown from Sydney's Closet. stocks hundreds of Mardi Gras party dresses in plus sizes 14 to 44! Shop colors that traditionally mark the big party: purple, gold and green. Dozens of figure-flattering designs.

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Jillian Party Dress
Style CE1408
Applause Evening Dress
Style CE1501
New! Two colors
Jubilee Formal Gown
Style CE1503
New! Two colors
Merry Party Dress
Style CE1504
New! Two colors
Frolic Formal Dress
Style CE1505
New! Two colors
Acclaim Party Dress
Style CE1506
New! Two colors
Magic at Midnight
Style SC4022
Style SC4023
Lovely to Look At
Style SC4027
Simply Elegant
Style SC4046
Available on March 2, 2015
Sheer Romance
Style SC4048
Available on March 2, 2015
The Duchess
Style SC6003
Duchess is back in stock!