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Bridal Lace

Our simple guide takes the mystery out of shopping for a wedding gown sewn with lace, the most romantic and oh-so trendy fabric choice of brides.

The tradition of lace, from the enormously popular floral design of Alencon to the tiny dots of Swiss lace, remains popular with brides over the centuries. No wonder! Lace, the most feminine detail, instantly adds real romance to any wedding. The trick is to not over due the amount of lace you add to your wedding dress, veil or train. Too much lace on your wedding dress can draw attention to figure flaws. Just the right amount on your wedding dress plays up your assets.

Lace that is handmade will drive the price of your wedding gown sky-high. Lace that is machine made is more affordable and just as pretty! Even close up, few people can tell the handmade laces from the machine-made laces.

Lace for Wedding Dresses


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